Improved safety + security of protectees, as well as family, staff, shareholders and constituents

We help clients develop and manage executive protection programs and protective operations by embracing the best practices, research and methodologies employed at the highest levels of the U.S. agencies charged with protecting the President and other world leaders. We do so through the following executive protection security services:


  • Assessment of a company’s executive protection security capabilities tailored to fulfill IRS statutory requirements
  • Focus on validating employer-provided transportation for security concerns, business-oriented security concerns and overall security programs as set forth in Title 26, Code 132
  • Comprehensive assessment of all facets of employer-provided transportation and security programs including guidance on issues, challenges and best practices needed to maintain a full-service program


全面支持保护服务的各个方面. A tailored approach to drivers of program excellence including leadership and organizational alignment; strategy development and integration with security risk management components; funding and cross-functional cost-sharing; in-house staffing and outsourcing; policies, procedures; technology; communications; law enforcement liaison, intelligence agencies; training, licensing; reporting; and continuous program improvement.


Evaluation of protection-related issues for senior executive’s primary residence, 工作及旅行情况, vehicles and lifestyle including the residential compound; transportation modes and routes; travel requirements; international and domestic venues visited and existing support capabilities. Recommendations address the need for risk management strategies and technical capabilities, such as alarms, 闭路电视, 防护栅栏,照明和控制通道.


  • 访问有经验, senior-level experts available to address project risk mitigation services, 企业风险管理服务, security personnel and staffing and provision of security-related material and equipment
  • Direct support to organizations with significant physical security-related risks associated with operational and supply chain assets, 基础设施和系统, 尤其是那些延伸到当地的, state, 国家或国际边界


风险评估, gaps and opportunities that affect executive security at your event and any ancillary venues or event-related assets and business activities. Development of effective event security plan — at the program or event level. 重点领域可以包括安全策略, procedures and protocols; security staffing and personnel; and technical and physical security (e.g., access control, monitoring, detection, 检查人员, assets, services, 车辆和设备).


  • Technical or electronic surveillance countermeasure sweep of boardrooms, 管理办公室, 执行住宅, 非现场会议室, 飞机或车辆
  • 通常集中在所有的墙上, devices, ceiling panels, desks and compartments including wall switches and any area deemed a possible intrusion location


  • 扫描社交媒体平台, public websites, 在线讨论, message boards and other public forums to uncover issues affecting you or your organization
  • State-of-the-art monitoring tools combined with seasoned analysis and judgment
  • Situational awareness and actionable intelligence through monitoring of keywords and social media accounts. Social network mapping for targeted analysis of trending issues by influencer
  • 对迫在眉睫的威胁或担忧的警报
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