Designing and planning to safeguard 学生, faculty and staff

作为父母, 学生, faculty and the community are demanding more of our schools, today’s educational 系统 must adapt to include cutting-edge technology, 系统, 资源和环境. 建筑师支持地方政府, colleges and universities must align design with necessary education safety elements to protect against risk, 火灾, 主动射击者和其他危险.
From constructing a new school or designing a dormitory to planning for unique on-site events, we help you navigate code and standard compliance in all phases of design, 建设和入住率. 威廉希尔下载的团队也可以设计防火, fire alarm and security 系统; provide inspection and testing; facilitate live and web-based safety training; prepare emergency master plans and conduct fire and other emergency drills. We also offer property conditions assessments for building 系统, progressive failure analysis and remediation plans for aging construction.



兼容的, integrated solutions that address fire and life safety matters within the built environment.


Develop an accessible compliant design and manage the risk of future claims. 


Review drawings for compliance with applicable codes prior to submission to AHJ.  


A full range of building and fire code consulting services for developers, owners and architects.


Innovative fire, egress and smoke modeling tools to elevate fire protection designs.


We perform a wide range of hazard assessments for chemical, industrial and manufacturing facilities.


Ensuring the entire organization is aligned and set up to deliver an effective mass notification during an emergency.


Determine origin and cause that is substantiated by fire science and will withstand the challenge of litigation.


Our team of forensic scientists determine if machinery, instruments or facilities issues caused injury or fatality.

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